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I have a passion for dogs and helping people. Approximately 4 years ago I began my journey with a puppy named Iris. I started taking lessons to train her. The facility where I trained also has service dog program. I am a homeschool student so I have a flexible schedule that allows me to follow my dreams and passions.  In June 2017, at the age of 17, I convinced my parents to start a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit for service dogs.

I began volunteering by taking service dogs in training every place we went.  In the beginning, we were just socializing the puppies.  As my knowledge and training skills increased, I was asked to help with their training.  In the fall of 2016, I attended a dog training school for three months.  I attended class daily from 8-5 spent over 160 hours in the classroom and 320 of hands on instruction.


I graduated in December 2016 a certified dog trainer and behaviorist specializing in training service dogs. Lily was my dog college trainee.  She is my constant companion.  I love competing in flyball and agility with her.


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